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Austin Patton -West Richland Lawn Care

If you live in West Richland and you  need lawn maintenance such as mowing the lawn, picking up dog poop, or any other yard work then we would be glad to help. You can hire us for a 1 time fee or set up a monthly maintenance plan.  


Austin Patton - Kennewick Lawn Care

If you live in Kennewick then Austin Patton with Patton General Contracting will show up at the scheduled time that is booked online. Our website shows actual times that appointments can be scheduled.  We save clients time and money by offering a flat fee. What you see is what you pay. If you would like to set up another visit or a monthly flat fee then we would be glad to help handle all of your yard care.


Austin Patton Kennewick Lawn Care

If you have sprinklers that are broken or clogged then we would be glad to change them out for you. Setting up the correct sprinklers on a the correct water schedule is important for healthy grass. If you would like to have us replace your sprinklers or timer then let us know. 

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 If you are not familiar with how to set your times on your sprinkler timer box then now is a good time to upgrade your sprinkler timer. Using a Wifi timer makes programming and adjustments easy. Mobile access to your zones makes rainy days and hot days easier to make adjustments from work or away from home.

Patchy Grass


 If you sign up on our monthly flat rate service is makes return visits easier to monitor things like patchy grass and fertilizer schedules.  You can choose to have us take over your lawn care or just show up and cut the grass. Either way we have affordable options for whatever you choose. 

Rock install


If you have other side jobs such as shoveling in rock or removing rock we would be glad to help. These jobs are not as easy to bid on a flat right. The type of rock requested and the amount of rock requested will impact your price you pay. However, if you have any other custom landscaping request we would be glad to take a look at the job and let you know what it would cost.

Brandon Patton BLOG

Brandon Patton with Patton General Contracting created this blog section to showcase some of the work that Brandon Patton and Austin Patton have been hired to perform. Austin Patton Handles all of the Landscaping needs and Brandon Patton handles all of the Home Repair Needs. In many cases they can both work on the same property. At this time their niche market is handling properties that are being sold and need repairs to pass a home inspection or foreclosed homes that need to be fixed up.

Brandon Patton - REO Property Preservation Contracts

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